Rickshaw Release



Rickshaw Pinot

Rickshaw is the synthesis to two powerful ideals: that one should be able to have a great bottle of California wine at a reasonable price and that those of us fortunate to enjoy said wine each night should help out our fellow man. Simple, right?

Achieving the first part of the mission is a challenge we embrace.  We constantly scour California for good, honest sources of wine.  Then we spend months tinkering with different blends until we have something that really shines.  Our Pinot Noir, for example, includes parcels from our partners in Anderson Valley, Russian River, and the Santa Lucia Highlands.  Many of these parcels regularly go into wines that cost more than $40 a bottle.  By blending we are able to deliver them at a much friendlier price.

The second part of the mission comes naturally, by having our priorities in the right place.  Rickshaw is committed to donating 5 percent of the gross profit from each bottle to food-related charities in the states where it is sold.  In addition we are inviting our distributors, restaurant, and retail partners to participate in our fund raising efforts.  Whether it is a donation match, hosting a Rickshaw event or throwing their marketing efforts behind the cause, partners all over the United States are getting involved in the Rickshaw mission.

We are launching our mission with the 2010 Rickshaw Pinot Noir - check us out HERE and FOLLOW us on Facebook!

Drink Well.  Do Good