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Tendil & Lombardi

Laurent Tendil and Stéphane Lombardi, both born in Lyon, France, first crossed paths as young teenagers. Although Laurent was busy with judo and Stéphane was playing rugby around the clock, they quickly found their common ground in French gastronomy and fine wine, especially Champagne. After completing their studies, the childhood friends set out as working men in the world of food and wine, each harboring the dream of one day creating their own Champagne. Some would have dismissed this as a fantasy, but after 15 years Laurent and Stéphane decided to leave their successful careers to chase down this dream, despite the financial risks in the middle of an economic crisis. They began to blend their own cuvées with the help of a vine grower in the Aube region of Champagne, and in May of 2011, the first bottles of Tendil & Lombardi Champagne finally saw the light of day.

   Cuvée Brut (also available in half bottles & magnums)
   Blanc de Blancs
   Blanc de Noirs

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