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Galicians have more than 70 words to describe rain and fog as it is a defining element throughout the region. NÉBOA is one such word, found in folklore texts to describe the fog that looms over the hillsides.

NÉBOA is a collaboration with Bodegas Eidosela in the Condado do Tea subregion of Rías Baixas. On one trip to Galicia and Eidosela, we heard about a unique single vineyard site in their holdings that struck our curiosity and piqued our interest. One visit to the site and we knew it was a special place that has the potential to make a truly world class Albariño. Eidosela agreed to separate out this parcel and vinify the wine for us to our specifications.

RIAS BAIXAS | CONDADO DO TEA || Located in the northwest Spanish peninsula, Rías Baixas is best known for its extraordinary wines made from the Albariño variety. The name of the region is from the Galician language, Gallego, which means “low estuary”. It is here the Atlantic Ocean makes inroads into the land amidst legendary forests to form the ‘Rías Baixas’. Weather here is very special, with mild winters and a lot of rain (600–1600 mm per year), which continues through early spring. Summer is the driest season in this area bringing very mild temperatures. Soils are very poor in nutrients, with high acidity content on a variety of terrains including sand, granite and slate.

Typical Rías Baixas parcels are very small (the average is less than ½ ha), owned and tended by family growers who then work in cooperation with larger facilities. Bodegas Eidosela is one such organization, with the combined efforts of 61 growers, encompassing 45 hectares. Vines are trimmed in pergolas at approximately 2 meters high to avoid the humidity caused by the high rainfall, and to help manage the canopy by allowing as much sunlight as possible.

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    2023 NÉBOA Albariño

    100% Albariño

        + indigenous variety
        + old vines

    Rias Baixas | Spain