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This project from Fernando Barrena (of Azul y Garanza) and his wife, Marian, is located in the northernmost part of the DO Jumilla in the high Hoya Torres Valley with shallow, calcareous soil in arid conditions. The majority of the vines are Pie Franco (on their own rootstock) and farmed 100% organically.

JUMILLA | Jumilla is located in southeastern Spain on the Mediterranean coast in the province of Murcia; it is the oldest DO in the region, established in 1966. The climate here is hot, dry and harsh. Sandy soils with high pH, low salinity and little to no organic material, make the area naturally resistant to disease; in fact, Jumilla was spared during the phylloxera outbreak of the 19th century. Though the region was infected in 1989, many Pie Franco vines still exist in Jumilla today.

Certified Organic Vegan Low Sulfite Lady Led Natural


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    2022 Altamente Monastrell

    100% Monastrell

        + certified organic
        + estate
        + high altitude

    Jumilla | Spain