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Viña Coterro

The vineyards for Viña Coterro are spread across the municipality of Alfaro in La Rioja on the fertile banks of the Ebro on the low slopes of the Yerga Mountain. This area offers a huge diversity of soil and microclimates, supporting a wide range of different grape varietals. Winemaking and blending are done by Fernando Mora of The Garage Wine project.

RIOJA || Rioja was the first Spanish wine region to obtain DO status, in 1925. In 1991, it was promoted to DOCa (Qualified Designation of Origin), a higher category reserved for wines maintaining a proven consistency and quality over a long period of time. Rioja has three distinct subregions (Alavesa, Alta & Baja) as well as stylistic diversity ranging from the traditional oxidative wines to the full throttle modern style.