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Truly a found treasure, this tiny family domain was founded in 1964 by Michel and Marie-Claude Jeaunaux, now run by husband and wife Cyril & Clémence Jeaunaux-Robin. The estate is only 5.7 hectares (the family’s backyard) in the village of Talus-Saint-Prix in La Vallée du Petit Morin. Vines are approximately 40 years of age (considered ancient by Champagne standards) on flint-rich, silex soil. The farming is meticulous, currently undergoing organic certification and practicing biodynamic viticulture.

LA VALLÉE DU PETIT MORIN || Located south-west of the Côte des Blancs, La Vallée du Petit Morin is named for the Le Petit Morin river - a tributary of the Marne - that runs through the region. The village of Talus-Saint-Prix is composed of 39 hectares of vineyards planted on south-facing slopes some distance away from the riverbed. It is known for remarkable minerality, attributed to the characteristic flint in the soils. Also of note, the village is especially susceptible to frost, favoring Pinot Meunier vines which have proven more resilient and able to dodge the spring hazards.